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Seth Green, Kate Sackhoff and Stan Lee pay us homage, asdkglasdjkastrftra!!!!1!!! :D

CHIPMUNK PICSPAM - LotS 2x09 'Dark' -- cracky
R/K dance!fight
The latest LotS episode brought some lulz, so I decided to fiddle around with some pics instead of finishing my mammalian evolution lab, but oh well, chimpmunks *are* mammals after all...


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After many episodes such as DENNA, REVENANT and TOUCHED, one can seriously doubt that WALT FRICKIN' DISNEY stands behind Legend of the Seeker. However, 2x09 Dark can convince even the biggest skeptics.

At the very beginning, we see the Cara we all know and love.

But then a random manly dude Seeker v.2.0 is introduced



(That was next to "I hate sand" in the Hall of Prophecies Bad Pickup Lines. Ok, no, hardly anything can top that.)
*Cara's childhood FLASHBACK*
*end of Flashback*




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NEW!SEEKER:  . . .

Cause srsly, who doesn't dig the LOL-[insert the name of cute animal here]?!





whoa, for a sec there I thought Probie was going to become "SOMETHING SWEET"
but yeah, thank goodness for random Ninjas of LightDark
SHALLOW OBSERVATION: Seeker v.1.0's back muscles >>> Seeker v.2.0's back muscles

Hopefully in 2x10 - Cara has a better taste


I haz a THEME SONG nao!
Jari Mäenpää

Made my day! :D

First time posting a fic at LJ - "Visions of the Future" - KotOR fandom


Visions of the Future
Fandom: Star Wars
Author: Heda (Frida_Lang / Amon_Amarth @ TFN)
Type: one-shot, vignette
Word count: 1,895
Timeframe: TotJ / KotOR era, right before the Mandalorian Wars

Rating: PG
Genres: general, angst
Summary: One special Jedi sees the inevitable during his meditation.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters; they belong to the Flanneled One and awesome Bioware guys
Special thanks to Cobranaconda  of the Jedi Council forums, who was so kind to be my beta-reader

Author's note: I wrote this fic about 2 years ago and posted it to Jedi Council Forums (TFN), but have now decided to share it here as well.
This is also my first time to post any kind of creative stuff here at Live journal, so comments will be very much appreciated. :-)



The Outer Rim. The Frontier of the known galaxy.
Many worlds in that region had not yet been charted, many worlds had not yet felt the presence of so called “civilisation”, and those of whom eventually did become Republic worlds were still simple and somehow... innocent.

Dantooine was one of those worlds. At first look it was just an ordinary planet with its ordinary lakes and grasslands, circling around one ordinary star with its two small moons. But there was more to the planet than met the eye of an simple observer. Dantooine was one of the few places in universe where the Force was surprisingly strong, as if it were more distinctive than elsewhere. Peculiar, but places like that have been known to exist in the Universe. And that was a reason why the Jedi Order had decided to build their enclave there. It was a place of wisdom and knowledge where Jedi Padawans, Knights and Masters came to learn, train and meditate.

Yes, the Force in all of its mystic forms ran in wide streams through the veins of the planet, and the Jedi did not seek it only in their Enclave.
One particular young Jedi, who always seemed to do things his own way, sat peacefully under an old tree that stood lonely on a yellow-green hillock, in the middle of the plains that surrounded the Jedi Enclave. He ran a hand through his lengthy, unruly, dark hair and shifted himself into a meditating position. There was no need for him to reach out to touch the Force; in his case it was omnipresent, always filling his entire being.

He used a simple Jedi technique to calm his mind and relax his muscles. He was instantly suffused by the richness of the life around him. The light breeze caressed his cheeks and the smell of sun-burned, late-summer grass filled his nostrils. The reach of his senses expanded, and now he could feel the crystalline Dantooine water running just bellow the hillock, tiny, hardworking insects performing their daily duties in the high grass, a pair of kath hounds strolling on the plains, a heavy burden of many years lived that the huge, ancient tree behind his back felt. The golden glow of the steppe wasn't just the setting sun, it was the pure Living Force.

He truly cherished all of this and at that moment, he was afraid to lose it all.

Something was happening. The Force has been trying to warn him that the face of the entire galaxy was soon to be changed. For many months now, the young Jedi had been troubled by disturbing dreams, images of war and destruction, masked enemies, mysterious rifts in the Force...
He mentioned this to a Jedi Master, but was told that dreams passed in time, that he should meditate and not allow himself to become too preoccupied by all things that were happening elsewhere.

"It truly is a sign that you are a full Jedi now. For ages we have always tended to overburden ourselves with the problems of the galaxy, but however noble this may be, it does not do good to dwell in thoughts too long and forget about the here and now."
The young Jedi heard the words of the Master's wisdom, spoken to him not too long ago. He was also told that the Jedi were safe, but...
With a sigh he dismissed the dark thoughts that had started to crawl in his mind and concentrated on the moment.

It seemed to the young Jedi that the ages had passed since his last visit to this planet. He had been trained by many Masters and taught on many different worlds. Though he disliked the capital, he spent a lot of time in the Jedi Temple's archives on Coruscant, an excellent place for those interested in history, battle tactics and ancient Jedi lore, but despite these valuable skills, he had reminded himself that he should look back on the Force itself and meditate more often. He seemed to forget that lately. The galaxy was in turmoil, and also his thoughts. "But nevertheless", he thought, "a Jedi shouldn't find it hard to at least glance at the simple things the Force has lain upon his or her path". And this was a great place to do so.

Memories flooded the young Jedi's mind. He had felt similarly strong connections to the Force on the planet he had just returned from. Though he was only recently knighted, the Council had sent him with Master Kavar to settle unrest and conflicts on planet Onderon in the Japrael sector. It was a great honour for him to walk on the glorious streets of the Walled City of Iziz, where Freedon Nadd, Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma once walked. A place of power and legend, as young Jedi thought, was now a place of fear.

Mandalorians, people mentioned in each archive he ever visited, had appeared on the Republic scene once more. The galaxy still carried scars from the last conflict with them.
Onderon was one of those scars.

Half a century ago, glorious Beast-riders had defeated the clans of Mandalore allied with the Sith, but some of them had fled to Demon Moon where their great Mandalore died. Isis itself had suffered damage.

A seed of hatred and animosity that had been planted before sprouted when a group of masked warriors returned, a few months previously, claiming the Demon Moon of Dxun. The Young Jedi was a witness to his master's failed diplomacy. The Mandalorians did not want to abandon the place where their leader fell, but the Onderonians didn't want them anywhere near. The Jedi presence on Onderon angered the Mandalorians. They did leave the system, but with a promise that Onderon would suffer first when they started their revenge on the Republic and the Jedi that had once betrayed them.

The Young Jedi shuddered at the memory. He could see the fierceness of the masked warriors as clearly as he saw the Dantooine plains that surrounded him. The galaxy was not ready for another war, not after the destruction of entire star systems that the last conflict had brought.

Reports came in saying that many systems on the Republic border had fell into Mandalorian hands. The Onderonians were worried. Their now aged Queen, Galia, sent a call for Republic reinforcements, but Coruscant did not send help. Fear began to shroud the entire planet, though the Jedi presence still kept people calm.

But not for long.

Master Kavar was called to Dantooine. The Council asked them to leave Onderon in the time of greatest darkness. This quickly angered the young Jedi. Even now in his meditations, he could feel rage building in his chest at the thought of Jedi Council sitting idly while the galaxy was in danger.
"They were wrong!"
Now he felt fear. The Force was telling him that he shouldn't have left Onderon, but that they hadn't listened to him.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. That is a path to the Dark Side!

The Young Knight became aware of dangerous feelings. He called the Force to help him get rid of this dark thoughts, but that was becoming a difficult thing for him to do lately.

"There is no emotion, there is peace." he reminded himself.

But he was not at peace. There was a great disturbance in the Force.
Suddenly, he felt cold. The Dantooine plains were no longer golden, but dark, with an eerie glow. The Jedi couldn't feel life on them... only death. He couldn't move, he couldn't close his eyes, he could only stare at the blurry images that changed rapidly before him. He felt like he was observing the galaxy from one elusive point. He saw a creepy, dark ring getting narrower, choking the Republic space. The ring became more clear and the Jedi recognised that it was made from ships and wardroids, innumerable armoured soldiers marching for the Core, leaving nothing but ruins behind them as they advanced. He could see thousands of Basilisks assaulting a familiar planet, but it was a thousand times more frightening than what he had imagined whilst studying the last Battle of Onderon in the Jedi Archives. As the barbaric conquest continued, Jedi Masters were sitting in a round chamber, watching it all without the slightest move, as the dark tide of invaders quickly swallowed them. The young Jedi yelled, but he couldn't hear his voice. All that was left of his beloved galaxy was debris, one enormous asteroid field. But the swarm of invaders was hungrier than ever. They turned on him now, quickly approaching.
"Nooo!" the Jedi yelled as he activated his lightsaber, and, with power given to him by his rage, struck at his attackers, blinded for a moment from the energy that he had unleashed with his strike.

When the painful humm in his ears was gone and he was able to see again, he was back on the Dantooine plains, sitting under an ancient tree, grasping the lightsaber hilt so hard that his knuckles had turned white. He was breathing heavily with a look of utter horror on his face. As adrenaline raced through his entire body, he deactivated the blade and concentrated on listening to the Force, only to find that everything on the plains was normal, except for the pair of kath hounds in the distance who had stopped walking and were now looking at him with curiosity. He sighed in relief and leaned back on the tree. It wasn't real... for now.

For a short moment, panic arose inside of him. This wasn't just a dream. It was a vision. It was a vision of what would come to pass if the Jedi didn't act right away.
It was his galaxy. His home. With billions of other sentients who called it home, too. He could not allow its doom. He must act, now! He had to speak to other Jedi, and this time they had to listen! They would listen!

His face hardened with determination, the young Knight holstered the lightsaber that he had taken during his vision and started to get up, when he sensed a familiar presence approaching. She was running and she was scared.The Jedi put away the awful vision and focused on his friends feelings. Something was terribly wrong.

"Revan! Revan!" a fellow Jedi called to him.

Revan got to his feet and picked up his dark cloak that had been laying beneath the tree.

"You weren't in the Enclave and I knew I'd find you here," his friend said as she approached.

"Bastila, are you all right?" Revan asked her with concern.

She looked up at him, uncertainity and hints of fear shining in her eyes.

"No, Revan. It's happened. They... they've attacked Onderon."

No! Revan opened his mouth slightly and looked down. "I... I know."

Then his confusion, disappointment and sadness were replaced by something Bastila had never seen on her friend's face. He looked away from her, his eyes focused on some distant point for what seemed to Bastila as a very long moment. Then suddenly, he started towards the Jedi Enclave, his walk determined, powerful... angry. "It is time."

"Whe - where are you going?" a confused Bastila asked.

"To war." Revan said, not looking back.




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